Brigade Fozzy started in January 1983, founded by members of the former bands  Plastic Porno Band
and Calling Dr. Pink, in Westfalia/West-Germany. A first tape was recorded under disastrous
technical conditions, some of the songs were written, rehearsed and recorded within 10 minutes. 
Nevertheless one of their "classics" resulted from this first session: 3953

Further rehearsals and recordings followed (in 
the drummer's bedroom), instruments and
amplifiers were borrowed from friends and
in early 1984 the final line-up took shape:

From left to right: Heini (drums), Börned 
(voice), Mani (guitar), Hermann (bass).
Their musical direction and credo:
uncompromising Fun-Pogo.

In February 1984 Brigade Fozzy had its
first appearance in the O. J. C. Babylon 
(Hengelo/NL). One song of this first gig 
("T4") was published one year later on 
the 12" Babylon-Live-Sampler Babylon: 
Bleibt Fahren.

Because bass-player Hermann couldn't play all the songs
by that time, he enjoyed most of the gig pogoing with
the audience. Further concerts followed (like in March 
1984 at the punk festival in the Stokvishal/Arnhem/NL) 
and in October the first 7" with 4 songs was recorded: 
Lebenslang - EP.
Recording, mixing and mastering took place in one day,
the songs were recorded live and without dubs. The 
cover was foto-copied and self-folded. The EP was
released with 500 copies under their own label: Punk 
Anderson Records (named after the oil-baron and best 
friend of Jock Ewing from "Dallas")
The californian fanzine Maximum Rock'n'Roll wrote:
"There's a decidedly '77 feel to this. Enjoyable, old-
fashioned punk with verve."

On it went in a chaotic and amateurish way:
Because they had no room, the Brigade
had to rehearse in the parish-youth club, 
where guitar-player Mani was doing his
non-military community service, and they
took advantage of the P. A. of the parish-
weekend-disco. Some concerts couldn't take 
place (because Hermann put Diesel in the 
petrol engine or Mani broke his arm during 
a pillow fight just before a hardcore festival in
Belgium), others took place without 
rehearsals (as supporting act for Peter & the 
Test Tube Babies or in July '84  at the open 
air festival at the "Prins Bernhard Plantsoen"-
Hengelo ). When the Babylon/Hengelo had 
to close at the end of December '84 and the 
club was devastated by the punks at the last
concert, the Brigade Fozzy was part of the
party  on stage.

In February 1985 the guys from
Eisbein-Film/Bochum went on tour
with a collection of super 8 live-
cuts and music clips (among other
places in Blockschock/Berlin, AJZ/
Bielefeld, Schlachthof/Bremen).
Apart from live-recordings by Black
Flag, D.O.A., Chelsea or Toy Dolls
a super 8 film by Brigade Fozzy was
to be gaped at. It was a burlesque 
clip of the song Lebenslang, filmed 
in winter on a playground near the 
pastorate.The formerly planned 
version, very dark-punk kind of style 
(to be shot on the cemetery or a 
former train station) couldn't be 
filmed, because the storage battery
of the camera didn't work (due to the 
frost). Unfortunately the super 8 film 
is lost and  missing ...

In 1985 the tape Das Lied von der Macht was
recorded. The better the members of the 
Brigade Fozzy could handle their instruments,
the faster the tempo got. The early fun pogo with 
polka rhythm had become furious hardcore. 
The lyrics also changed: instead of songs about 
wearing glasses, failing the driver's licence or 
having hangovers the lyrics now became angry
pamphlets against the catholic church,
chancler Kohl (who was still fresh) or princess 
Diana (who was still among the living).
Maximum Rock'n'Roll wrote: "Very raw, rough 
and harsh. A lot of variety in speed and power, 
but overall very straight-forward gutsy thrash!"

In February 1986 finally the second 7" with five
songs was recorded: Krieg dem Kriege - EP.
Again all the material was recorded, mixed
and engineered in one day, but this time there
were guitar dubs and backing-vocals, so it
was an almost professional production,
which was again released on their own label
Punk Anderson Records with 600 copies.
The Maximum Rock'n'Roll fanzine wrote: 
"Good, driving hardcore with sharp drumming 
and cutting guitar. Cool."
A few months later Mani went to Berlin and the
Brigade split up in March 1986. The final gig
took place in "Attack"/Enschede/NL, thoughtfully
on a Good Friday, so that they could celebrate
their decease in a proper and solemn way.
The 5 songs of the Krieg dem Kriege - EP
were re-released in 1999 by  Loud, Proud 
& Punk Records on the 12" sampler 
 "Die Deutschen kommen zurück - Vol. 2".

  In December 1987 it came to a reunion of the band
with a slightly different line-up and a new name: 
Resident Mockery (named after a song by Brigade 
Fozzy). Börned was no longer with the band, 
Hermann took over the singing (after he admitted,
that he would never learn to play the bass),and the 
band existed a short while as a trio. In 1988 
Hennes (photo, r.) joined the band and played the 
bass. Together they recorded a studio-tape with 10 
songs in April 1989 and two songs of this session 
were released on the french 7"-sampler Panx Vinyl 
Zine The German Aardvark fanzine was 
enthusiastic about the Resident Mockery tape: 
"Unbelievably good demo, 10 pieces of crystal 
hardcore with critical lyrics. Very complex and fat, 
without any rock- or metal-touch.  Original hardcore 
so to speak, with some melodious hits. Good 
songs." And Maximum Rock'n'Roll wrote: "Pretty 
good hardcore of all speeds,  with some guitar a la
Black Flag." The German zine ZAP was also full 
of praise: "Aggressive, loud and honest sounding
hardcore with charming psycho-touch and good

The nineties came, Brigade Fozzy vanished again
and this time for real. While Mani gave up playing the 
guitar and took pencil and ink for his crime stories,
Hermann became singer in the dutch band Fierce
and Hennes and Heini founded the band Monday 
Comes. Both Fierce and Monday Comes released
one EP on Hermann's new label Amusement
Records, which by the time has disappeared into 
musical heaven (or hell). 

May they all rest in peace ...

Brigade Fozzy - 1988:

Brigade Fozzy - 2003:

On Good Friday, April 18th 2003, Brigade Fozzy performed a re-union concert! 
At the "Logo", Am Bahnhof, 48683 Ahaus/Westf.
As supporting act  Mani Beckmann read 
from his punkrock-novel "Filmriss"

Mani (guitar), Börned (voice), Hennes (bass), Hermann (mouth),
Heini (drums), Oskar (voice)